Generally, we are open Every Week:

Saturdays & Sundays 10am-4pm (please note winter hours start at 10, not 9. Thank you!)

Special and Holiday Week Wine Bar Evenings

Hours announced as events occur.

Catering / Private Event Closings

From time to time we do close for private parties, and off premises catering. We apologize for the inconvenience or disappointment this may cause, but as a small team, we can't always do two things at once without sacrificing quality and customer service, our top priorities. Unfortunately, we are unexpectedly challenged by finding staff to cover the restaurant at the same time as catering, without sacrificing quality on either end. (SO, if you know an awesome chef, cook, bartender, server, please send them our way!!!! referrals will be rewarded!!!!) We are grateful for your understanding!

Upcoming Calendar:

We will sadly be closed on the following dates in April & May, for catering events & private parties:

Saturday 4/14

Sunday 4/22

Saturday 4/28 & Sunday 4/29

Saturday 5/5 & Sunday 5/6

Saturday 5/26, However, We will be OPEN on Sunday 5/27 & Monday 5/28, Memorial Day

Again, we DEEPLY appreciate your understanding! This small business thing is no easy trick! We promise to ongoingly do our very best to serve you the best! Thank you!!!


As we are a small restaurant, with an even smaller kitchen, we often have a wait for tables. We encourage reservations for the best service, and the smallest wait times. We will always do our best to accommodate everyone, but we are more concerned with giving each customer a great experience, than rushing people in and out, and turning tables as fast as possible, so we apologize if we aren't able to accommodate you, but when we do, we hope your experience will be a wonderful and relaxing one!

For Reservations please email: